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Field Marshal Duty

DateBoard Member on DutyCommissioner
September 12thHeather MartinezIrma Garcia
September 19thJorge GarzaVanessa Vanegas
September 26thDaniel ClarkAnthony Martinez
October 3rdJorge MirandaNixon Zavala
October 10thBrenda ArambulaJuan Arambula
October 17dPaul MedelesVeronica Tarrango
October 31thJamie GamboaClaudia Sadler
November 7thJimmy EsquivelKevin Lunsford
November 14thEveryoneEveryone

Guidelines and Information for Volunteers

1. Manager of the home team for the first game of the day collects bib and radio from the onsite office.
2. Manager monitors their field, and reports issues to on-duty commissioner or board member
3. Some issues can be handled directly by the FM (use common sense)
4. After the game, locate the home team for the following game and hand off radio and bib to their manager
5. In the event there is no game directly after your own, return the bib and radio to the onsite office
6. Commissioners and board members who have duty please arrive by 7:30am
7. Commissioners on duty that day need to collect reports from the side boxes