Field Marshal Duties

Each Team is required to complete 2 hours of Field Marshal duty each season. It is extremely important for all teams to complete there FM duty as it assists ISA to be additional eyes and ears for any issues, lost children, questions etc out on the fields on game days. To accommodate each team, there FM is scheduled either before or after, or as close to their game as possible.

Lists of responsibilities are listed below

Any person as follows can be a field Marshall:

  • Mature person of 16  years and older
  • Any person(s) needing volunteer hours for school (if you are utilizing this option, please make sure they contact Pete Alonzo
  • Any  Parent on the team
  • Any Coach and/or manager on the team
  • Any family member of player or coaching staff
  • You can even split the hours up between multiple people

Field Marshal Duties are as followed but not limited to:

  • Each team is assigned a specific area in the complex. You are the eyes and ears for that area.
  • Each team must sign in when they get to the complex to begin their duty and when they leave. Your assigned area will be provided to you upon signing in.
  • Each FM must obtain a radio and vest when they arrive, this helps the teams know who is the FM for that area in the event they need assistance.
  • If there is an issue at a specific section or a team is need of help, the FM is to utilize the radio and request a BM to the area.
  • If your team is completing FM for field 21, in the event there is a lost child, it is that FM responsibility to immediately close the gate and not let anyone out until they have been advised by a BM.
  • If the you hear any commotion or conflict going on, please do not try and resolve the issue yourself. Contact a BM & COD to come to your area immediately. We will work to resolve the issue.
  • If you see parents on the side of the players, you contact us so that we can address the coach and have the parents go back to the players side.
  • In the event of an injury to player, the FM will contact the BM & COD so that prompt attention can be provided to the injured player.
  • Direct lost individuals/teams to their correct field location

It is not only the responsibility of the coaching staff ,but is the parents as well to ensure the FM duty for there team is completed. You can also find a copy of the schedule attached as well. For any questions please contact your division commissioner or Pete Alonzo @

If games happen to be cancelled due to rain on your scheduled weekend your team will simply be rescheduled for another day.